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Filing for Bankruptcy will help alleviate all of your unsecured debt.  This is debt incurred from Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Wage Garnishments, Foreclosures, Reposessions, etc.


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Chapter 7 bankruptcy will help you put an end to distressing calls from creditors. It will also stop wage garnishments and eliminate restraints placed on your bank accounts.


Our team will work diligently to help you KEEP YOUR HOME AND CAR, while eliminating your debt from credit cards and medical bills.


You have several options when it comes to personal bankruptcy. Depending on your situation, our attorneys may be able to help you completely eliminate your Unsecured Debt. Secured debt is something like a mortgage or repossessed vehicles.


The Law Office of Brian Juran can help you with small business bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy, asset protection, creditor representation, and counseling for debt consolidation.

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• Repossession

• Foreclosure

• Lawsuit

• Illness/Disability

• Divorce

• Job Loss

• Other


If you select one or more from the above list, you are requested to call my office and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. I will share all the information regarding your legal rights, and give you perfect solutions as to what legal step you need to take and what to avoid. The attorney will further provide you details about what best legal option are available to you.

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